Over 70 000 years in our future lies a solar system. Tuleng, the primary and its small group of planets is not in this universe. It has dropped out and is in its own pocket dimension. The universe has many dropouts.

Summer 2011 [Report to the Petal Throne]

The character start out at Jakalla, first circles all. They adventure through the foreign quarter and encounter some things they believe are way too high level for them. Well, thats because these Mu’ugalavyani raiders are kind of high level!

Characters run away, earning applause and some coin for helping others out of this situation.

Eventually they settle down in the ‘Red Dome’ … a nice place for foreign visitors, thieves, etc.
As our heroes are from Onchash Chairan, and one of them is a high born – they are disgusted.

Eventually they meet a Livyani who scares them. She casually shoots a barkeep and tosses shamtla money over the counter. They leave. They are picked up by the local military who wish to question them about the Mu’ugalavyani raid. Eventually given to the offices of a general – they report the Livyani lady.

They are sent to kill the Livyani… o boy.
By pure luck they get off an ‘eye’ given to them and succeed. Her crew isn’t a great lot and gives the body to them freely. Apparently they were unhappy slaves…

Having examined the remains, the general hauls them off on a romp across the Empire on the Sakbe roads. Too dangerous in town for them… etc. Jaikalor is next stop.

The party members start to notice discrepancies in their environment as various strangers seem to recognize them. From Jaikalor to R’y next, they accompany the general and mull this over. R’y is under attack, so they have to survive a number of bad things.

[The rest is in the secret book]

The Empire of the Petal Throne